a screaming event


movie starts.i start screaming into my hand.my eyes widen to the sight of edward and bella.i practically screamed "omg"!seriously.im not joking.i didnt stop jumping in my seat until the movie ended.


"marry me bella".those were the last words of the movie.it was a rush.i had goosebumps all over.it was very different from the previous story.but still satisfying.


i found the movie quite satisfying.as you know, for the movie new moon, the cast got a new director.and i for one think it was a very good idea.alot of changes have been made.special effects have made the movie way more interesting and deeply intense.

and talk about intense.it is very obvious about whats going on between robert pattinson and kristen stewart.it was last month that they were found holding hands.and not just anywhere.they were spotted in paris, the city of romance.so let me tell you, if you saw those pictures and heard of there rumours but still think their only friends, then you are quite naive and you really need to be slapped in the face.

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