a you-had-to-be-there moment

i am into my third week of spm.oh you cant imagine how tough its been.facing a different paper each day.squeezing you brain to fill up the blanks.omg.how i wish i was 7 again.then i could start all over again and id be a little more keen on  my studies.keep on dreaming eh.stuff like that are better left in your own head.cuz there is no way youd be given a second chance in life.to re-do your whole life and make better choices.never ever.but im going through this now.all i can afford to do is shut up and face this shit.but with a bit of dignity.

for those who are stepping into form 5 next year, let me warn you.that year will be the most tense and memorable year of your 17 years.tis the time where you know who your true friends are, endure heart break, discover new talents.ive learn a lot from last year till this year.and now im leaving my class, my school mates.i will miss you.cuz we have shared a life together.a life of being a spm candidate.

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